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Our business has tripled over the past four years and a lot of that is thanks to our great clients who recommend us to your friends, family and co-workers.

Here are some of our recent Facebook reviews (not all of them, head to the link below to check them all out!)

On 1/1/2021, MP said, "Paul was great to work with very knowledgeable and explained everything in detail. Definitely recommend!!"

On 12/22/2021 AB said, "Paul is great. Very knowledgeable. Such a quick process and charges a VERY reasonable fee. WAY easier than doing it myself and well worth every penny."

On 1/6/2021 MH said, "Paul has skillfully handled my taxes for many years. A few years back when I took my business to the next level, Paul recommended we look into creating an LLC. This strategic shift saves me thousands of dollars every year! From my end, everything looks almost the same as Paul handles all the finer details of keeping my LLC compliant. Paul & Emily truly care about their clients and that is reflected in the quality of their work and their attention to detail. I HIGHLY recommend you give them a call!"

On 3/27/2019 MF said, "So grateful for the exemplary work Paul did on our very complicated return - he went above and beyond. Can’t recommend Pinnacle too strongly!"

On 4/26/2018 RD said,"I wish I knew about Paul years ago! He was very reasonable, quick, and knowledgeable about any questions I have had about my business! I love he’s a small business like myself, so he’s got your best interest in mind! Go see him, you won’t regret it!"

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