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How Can We Help You?

I touched on this in an earlier post, but we can help you from getting

your first job and needing help with filling out the W4 to starting

a business for the first time and on to retirement.

When you're a teenager, you might be thinking about getting a job

for the first time (or as a parent, letting your child get their first job).

While in general, this is not a very complicated thing to do, sometimes

you might have questions on how your teen should fill out the W4 for

withholding or how their job might affect you and your taxes. Will they 

have to file a tax return? We can answer any of these questions you 

might have and can prepare the return of your dependent at a reduced

rate if you are a client of ours. 

When you are thinking of starting a business, there are MANY aspects

that you will find yourself needing help with. One might be accounting. 

Maybe you just need a return prepared, we can do that for you. Need 

help with setting up your LLC? We do that too! I'll get into more about 

opening a business in a future post, but just know we are here for that

as well. 

When you retire, your income might drastically change. You might find

yourself taking money out of retirement accounts, selling your home or

land, investing differently, or collecting social security. With any or all 

of these changes, will come tax changes as well. Taxes being taken 

from your social security? Depending on the situation you may or may

not need any taxes withheld from your monthly social security deposits. 

When you begin getting retirement benefit deposits from a pension, 

401k, IRA, or annuity there are different situations and different tax

implications for each of these! We can help walk you through exactly

what you should be withholding and from what funding source so that 

you can have the peace of mind to know you won't owe money come

tax time. Selling your home doesn't generally have any tax implications, 

however sometimes it does. To be sure, it's best to consult with your

preparer and they can ask just a few questions to determine the taxable

income resulting from a sale of a home, if any.

We also help when it comes to planning for a marriage, a baby, adoption, 

or a divorce (though, we definitely aren't mediators wink ). Every year

there seem to be changes when it comes to credits and deductions for

married couples and for filers who have children. We take education

every year (16 hours!) to help us keep up to date on all of the new

credits, deductions, laws, and changes that will affect our clients. 

Need a financial planner or estate attorney? We have great ones we 

can  recommend for you! We are active in the community and spend

time networking with professionals in these areas so that we can refer

our clients to them when they need them.


When you're ready to take the leap into working with a tax professional,

consider Pinnacle Tax & Accounting for your needs. We're here for you.

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